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RS-Group Design is specialized in ships and floating installations since its foundation and we are continuing our activities with partner companies regularly. We are full-filled with certified specialist staff and with high standard types of equipment provides services in certain areas of the sector. Segmentation of the company's services in the ship technology sector is as follows:

- Ship defects determination in mechanical, electrical, hull areas, documentation of inspection, and handing over to appropriate classification societies;

- Repair, adjustment, and disintegrate of ship mechanics and hydraulic equipment;

- Arrangement and inspection of ship automation mechanisms, mainly power equipment, signal transmitters, protective equipment, fire warnings,, and other automation equipment;

- Measuring the metal thickness based on the requirements of the relevant classification societies, ensuring the outcome of the inspection of the metal layer based on the program;

- Preparation of ship technical project documentation and arranging confirmation of classification societies;

- The process of fundamental ship repair, maintaining the cooperation with partner companies, arrangement of the ship repairing on a floating dock, and documentation services.

RS-Group Design also offers ship repair services, including engines, pumping equipment, lifting mechanisms, ship steering mechanisms, and other mechanical equipment. We also offer metal cutting and welding, repair of electrical equipment, and repair of pipelines.




Our Main Office- Knightsbridge Building in Baku White City
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"More Than A Maritime Service"

As an "RS GROUP DESIGN" LLC, we are committed to providing you sustainable, guaranteed, and efficient services, during conducting new projects.

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