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Safety Comes First!

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Our Corporate Quality, Health, Safety, Security & Environmental (QHSSE) Objectives

- Compliance with all applicable national and international quality, health, safety, and environmental (QHSE) standards and requirements

- Desire to be the safest company in the region by creating and maintaining a safe and injury-free workplace for our workers and contractors

- Employing skilled, qualified, professional, and dedicated staff

- Continuous installation of a corporate safety culture through rigorously implementing our company's policies and procedures, and consistent removal and reduction of risk as a result

- The provision of a working environment in which our workers are free to voice any concerns they may have about safety and to put a halt to any activity that may be hazardous to their health

- Improving the effectiveness of our efforts to prevent, eliminate, and/or recycle waste streams caused by the operations of the company

- Transparent reporting on our company's environmental performance, as well as monitoring of our wastes, use of resources, and emission or discharge of pollutants

- We strive to meet and surpass the expectations of our customers on a constant basis by delivering dependable and high-quality service

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As an "RS GROUP DESIGN" LLC, we are committed to providing you sustainable, guaranteed, and efficient services, during conducting new projects.


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